Grading Guide

This section provides information necessary for effectively estimating Ammolite gem grades. Generally there are five main considerations when judging Ammolite gemstone quality.

In order of importance, they are as follows:

REFLECTIVE INTENSITY - This refers to the actual brilliance of the gemstone Because there is no standard measurement for reflection, this is learned through experience and comparison. Darlin Jewellers has over 20 years experience as ammolite jewellers and will happily educate you on your purchase or jewellery repair.

COLOR RANGE - This refers to how many colors of the visible light spectrum are present within a particular stone. Top grade stones (AA) must have a minimum of 2 strong colors. The colors themselves, within the ammolite gem, is also considered as colors of blue, violet and pink receive special consideration because there presences is rare in the ammolite fossil.

FLAWS - Large cracks, surface cracks, poor polish or finishing. Any physical feature which detracts from the awe and beauty of ammloite gemstone's appearance.

DIRECTIONAL - This refers to the change of colors and intensity when the gem is viewed from different angles and directions. Nearly all Ammolite gems display this characteristic, however it only becomes an issue when a stone only shows well from a very specific angle or direction.

PATTERN - Some gemstones exhibit unique patterns such as tubercles, suture patterns and waves. These gems also receive special consideration.

Each of the above features influence an ammolite gem's grade, however if any one of them are severely negative, it can out weigh the influence of the other factors. If you require a more detailed explanation or have any other questions, please contact Darryl Darby.

*The Ammolite industry has not created an official grading system yet. As a gemstone, Ammolite is comparable to Opal because both gemstones have numerous characteristics and varieties, making it challenging to create a grading system. In the absence of an official grading system, we publish this as a general outline of the features we consider when purchasing, based upon our years of experience.